June 20, 2021


Delicious suggestions, practical knowledge, and life-giving encouragement that will inspire you to discover new craft beer and maybe find some new favorites.

Christopher Canada, Founder

Welcome to Eat Sleep Craft Beer! My name is Christopher Canada, and I’m the founder of Eat Sleep Craft Beer, a place to find not only great Independent Beer suggestions, craft beer recipes, pointless pop culture references, inspiration to #EarnYourBeer, and motivation for your journey to find some of the best beer you haven’t had… yet.

At Eat Sleep Craft Beer, it is truly my desire to help others discover new exciting beers, the independent breweries that produce them, and fulfillment through a balance of healthy living practices, travel and enjoyment of good beer.

On Eat Sleep Craft Beer, I will share with you mine and my wife Marissa’s adventures where we travel the US and Canada to various Independent breweries, resort destinations and beer festivals. I’ll also give you a review of our travel accommodation experiences as well as a peek into us diving into the local food scene.

And if that wasn’t enough – there will also be recipe ideas to for easy beer inspired meals and pairings, and finally.. provide practical information on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a craft beer enthusiast on the go.

Eat Sleep Craft Beer is created to inspire you to enjoy one of Life’s greatest pleasures, BEER and to get fit and stay healthy for life, all while enjoying the journey!

Let’s do this.

Christopher Canada