September 27, 2021

Blueberry Wheat Ale – Backwoods Brewing

Some of you may have heard of @backwoodsbrewingcompany, a small independent brewery out of Carson Washington, founded by a father and his sons.

They’re best known for their Flagship, Logyard IPA and, their seasonal, the Blueberry Wheat.

This brewery started out as a small one-barrel system and eventually grew into the brewery they are today.
And it’s worth noting that they just opened a new brewpub in the Pearl District of Downtown Portland.

The smell on this flavored ale is blueberries and sweet malty goodness.

There is a slightly bitter finish from the hops.
It has a light to medium mouthfeel that is complemented by the light carbonation.

This Blueberry Wheat flavored Ale finishes dry and lightly sweet.