September 9, 2020

Bru Ski Patrol – A Munich-Style Dunkel Lager

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In a world full of double and triple IPAs , I find that other styles get drowned out of conversation. So when I notice a particular style that deserves some of that spotlight I tend to lean into it.

Such is the case with Lagers. Now up until the last 25 years Lagers from the States were pretty much just from the BIG Baddies we know as BIG Beer. And I have to admit this like many other people, had our taste for the style impacted by this.

When I eventually wandered into the craft beer scene I was apprehensive to try anything labeled a ‘Lager’. But thankfully that didn’t remain the case. With each new lager I tried I found that I was becoming more of a fan of the style. I tried stuff from Oregon, Colorado, even Texas and then I found Bru Ski Patrol from a small mountain brewery called Dru Bru.

Perched at the top of Snoqualmie Pass in Washington State is an amazing brewery that focuses on traditional German styles of brewing and the mountain culture that surrounds it’s location. With 360 degrees of snow caped peaks and sweeping forest views it’s not hard to surmise why a beer like this Munich-Style Dunkel needed to be brewed.

Like the environment that it comes from this sultry treat boasts a rustic, wood-like amber appearance with a frothy head that gently clings to the edges of the glass as it slowly disappears. And as a side note, when held up to the sunlight – the prism of color produced is a bit mesmerizing.

Solid notes of coffee, and malt the greets you with a hint of warm chocolate to complete the medley. Your first sip delivers on the promises of those layered aromas.

Bru Ski Patrol is lightly sweet with dark malt character that balances a bitter coffee and rich dark chocolate perfectly. And .. it accomplishes all this while being light bodied, a session-able 4.8% ABV and a mouthfeel that is clean.

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Enjoy it after hiking the woods, after a day of shredding the slopes or just after a day of working in the yard .. this really is the perfect Apres’ brew.

You can find out more about this cool independent brewery on the mountain on their website and through their social media links below.




Address: 10 PASS LIFE WAY #3