September 27, 2021

Ghost in the Machine – Parish Brewing

Ghost in the Machine by Parish Brewing

As far as IPA’s go – if you are not aware of Parish Brewing’s Ghost in the Machine.. you really should be.

A rare treat out of Broussard Louisiana the Ghost in the Machine has been dominating Instagram feeds recently. And it really only takes one sip to understand why.

It’s damn delicious.

Now on the cover this beer doesn’t have bold can label or even flashy colors to grab attention. No sir e Bob. It’s a simple silver pint can with barely visible white writing and a very unassuming skull graphic. But don’t let that fool you. What comes in this can is nothing short of an experience.

This Double Dry Hopped beer has a cloyingly deceptive abv of 8% but you’d never know it. The explosive burst of pineapple scent rushes by your senses followed by a mild hoppy bitterness all while a delicate tropical fruit aroma just seduces you.

Pouring a deep hazy yellow and generating a single finger of foam that floats with a thickness that you could almost bite into.

The malt backbone provides the lightly sweet foundation that expertly weaves a velvety creaminess with grapefruit pith and a knock-out of a hop punch.

The Ghost in the Machine is definitely in my top 5 IPAs. I’m sad though because it apparently is released only a few times a year and this was my last can.

Weak Sauce.

So I have a question for all you out there. Have you ever had the Ghost in the Machine? And if you did, what did you think of it?

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Thanks to Justin or One Beer Per Mile for hooking me up with this Ghost in the Machine.

You can find out more about Parish Brewing on their website and social media accounts.