September 10, 2020

The Explosive Greek Salad w/ Fried Chicken like Momma made

First you start with a base of fresh #Romaine lettuce. Wash, then chop to desired personal preference, and place into a bowl. (We are assembling as we go for presentation.)

Next we add the ‘fried’ aspect of the dish with some leftover #fried chicken. Be sure to remove all skin before cubing into bite-sized pieces. Spread the #chicken out evenly.

The #Garbanzo Beans are the next layer making sure to spread them a bit. It’s worth noting that this is my personal favorite layer of this amazing #salad.

We then add the cherry #tomatoes and Kalamata #olives topping with some #Feta cheese. Then finally Extra Virgin Olive Oil and #lemon juice drizzled over for the dressing.

Enjoy immediately.