April 20, 2024

The Mesmerizing Power of Dark Persuasion – Icicle Brewing

Come to the Darkside we have cook.. err.. we have DARK PERSUASION.

Maybe if Darth Vader would have had some of this delicious German Chocolate Cake Ale the Rebellion would have laid down their arms so that they had two hands to wrap around this beer.

Dark Persuasion is a German Chocolate Cake Ale with a Sith-like Whisper of Coconut that would turn even an experienced #Jedi like Yoda to the Darkside.

No joke this stuff could stop wars. And what’s weird is that I actually dislike chocolate. Can’t stand the stuff in candy, in desserts and definitely not in cake. Truth be told I don’t even like cake. So imagine my surprise when I tried this for the first time.

To say I was blown away is an understatement. I actually fell in love. Like obsessed, can’t stop dreaming about it kinda love. Yeah it’s that good. So naturally I keep a few bottles around.

Dark Persuasion is brewed by local Leavenworth Washington independent brewer Icicle Brewing. Situated in the downtown area of the Bavarian themed village it’s a must-stop for me whenever I’m in town. This is definitely a true Pacific Northwest favorite.