April 20, 2024

Hawaiian Crunk – Riverbend Brewing

Hawaiian Crunk on the beach at Salishan Resort.

Hawaiian Crunk from @riverbend_brewing is semi-translucent and the very definition of yellow. It’s capped by a very thin foamy white head that descends to nothing but a memory.

This beer has a tropical burst of aroma like nothing I’ve encountered. There are expected notes of mango, pineapple, and papaya with an underlying aroma of strawberry and a touch of coconut. The pineapple, strawberry, and coconut arrive first on your palette, then waves of lime, melon, orange, and lemon follow up. A simple sweetness is the only malt presence that appears.

It’s quite lighter than it looks, with a good, tingly carbonation. It’s sweet but not overly sweet, there is a hint of bitterness but it’s extremely minimal.

It brings to mind warm sand and tropical destinations with the sound of waves as the soundtrack to the perfect summer refreshment.